Malware Analysis Basics - Presentation

04 June 2017 on malware, analysis, workshop, presentation, slide

CyberDome Malware Analysis Basics Workshop

Trivandrum - Dhanushkodi Bike Trip

19 March 2017 on Bike-Trip, Tour, Ride

western coastal highway

Little did I know my first ever unplanned bike trip to the most beautiful Dhanushkodi will unwrap loads of surprises and experiences. The adrenalin rush I got from the elaborate roads and mesmerising beaches is uncomparable...

Play 2048 From Firefox

01 March 2017 on Game, Firefox, Add-on

Quick 2048

Python Basics Workshop Presentation

16 December 2016 on python, workshop, presentation, slide

CyberDome Python Workshop

Fix MySQL Error : GROUP BY incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by in OSX

15 December 2016 on MySQL, OSX, Fix

When you upgrade your MySQL server version to 5.7.5 or later and any of your queries include GROUP BY clause. Then you will get an error cased by the update to MySQL 5.7.5 or later as below

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