Trivandrum - Goa Bike Trip for OWASP Seaside 2020

27 February 2020 on Bike-Trip, Tour, and Ride. 7 minutes

When your head's a clutter, and you want a getaway, hitting the road is your answer to seek some much needed novelty. When we got the invitation for this year's OWASP SEASIDES we didn't need to think twice about how we were going to reach our destination.

As we set to cruise along the western coast, all my memories as it unravels will be yours to beckon. Stay tuned and follow me on my journey to the Pearl of the Orient.

A long road, sunshine and the beaches, here we come!

Day 1

  • Trivandrum - Calicut

Day 2

  • Calicut - Mangalore via Muzhappilangad Drive in Beach

Day 3

  • Mangalore - Goa

Day 4

  • Goa - Humbi (317 km - 7h 52m)

Day 5

  • Humbi - Madurai

Day 6

  • Madurai- Kazhakuttom

Route Map

Live Location and Photos